Monday, March 7, 2011

Personal Monday....oops: My Helplessness Due to Google Navigation and iPad 2 Musings

So of course it's Monday and that means a wrap up of the technical side of my personal life. Yes I missed my Sunday deadline and I'm sorry. I've been super busy this week with a bunch of busy work and school. Overall this week really hasn't been eventful in the way of technology. I didn't have any giant personal realizations or dealings with gadget OCD. I did realize that I am completely lost without Google Navigation and the iPad 2 isn't that great.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Google Reader Tells Me to Read More; Oh Please

Hmm that's strange. I thought I use Google Reader a lot.

Oh wait. I do.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top 5 Most Influential Android Phones

It seems like there's a new phone running Google's Android operating system that is greater then the one that came before it. This simple boost in stats doesn't alone make that phone something special or to be remembered. There are some phones that have the right stuff and will forever change the landscape of the smartphone market. Read on for the list.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Microsoft's $500 Million Ad Budget for Windows Phone 7 Bested by College Student

I wonder how Microsoft's ad team feels after seeing this. With a budget of a half a billion dollars Microsoft couldn't pull of something a fraction as memorable as this fan made Windows Phone 7 commercial a graphics art student made.

Via WPCentral

Sunday, February 27, 2011


So I thought I would join the craze and become a member of Technocrati. So heres my code SF4H2WX2ZAAM

I Hate Google

I hate Google. It's ironic saying that because I am in some ways a Google fanboy. I have a Nexus One that always has the newest Android ROM, I only use Google Apps and lastly this blog wouldn't be possible without Google. The reason I hate Google is because they've hurt my livelihood. This website was finally starting to get off the ground and actually garnishing some pretty impressive views and a steady amount from Google searches. Well this week Google has implemented a new search algorithm that is supposed to remove the content farms and help real content swim to the top. Well my website has sunk to the bottom like a rock. My views have dropped to a shadow to what they were formerly.  Also used to be at the top of a search for jogwheels but that is no longer the case. Sad times now but hopefully over time my views will rise again. I'll just have to get creative now to get this site going with iTunes card giveaways and other things. This photo describes how I feel.

Personal Sunday 2-27-11: Damn You Samsung Focus and iTunes Card Giveaway

Hey everyone. Hope you've had a great week. Of course it's Sunday so that means my second Personal Sunday post! Again this is just to detail how tech has affected my life for better or worse. Read on about being gadget OCD and thankful for living in the world we do. Also a little tidbit about site growth. This month was the month that Jog Wheels finally easily cracked 500 views. I can't wait to see next month's growth. Read on after the jump for details on an iTunes card giveaway, being gadget OCD and how I'm looking for a partner in crime.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Got Honeycomb on my Nexus One Part Two

XDA never fails to impress me. Version two of the SDK ROM for Honeycomb aka Android 3.0 by bypass23 was released last night. Of course I flashed the ROM as soon as I saw it. The big new feature is the inclusion of hardware acceleration. For the most part the ROM was buttery smooth which is crazy considering that it is just a ROM based off a SDK. I await eagerly for the Honeycomb AOSP to be released so I can have a daily use Honeycomb on my Nexus One.


Jog Wheels is Now Mobile!

Hey everyone, this is for those of you who access the website view a smartphone. Jog Wheels now has a mobile version of the site. This was possible by using Blogger in Draft which is a labs version of Blogger. Now I have a template just for mobile devices. I hope you all enjoy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Got Honeycomb on my Nexus One

So I finally took the plunge and flashed the final Honeycomb SDK to my Nexus One. As of this moment I think that I might be in a wait for the Honeycomb AOSP to be released to get a half way usable phone. It's a nice proof of concept that definitely needs some work. The launcher kept force closing on me every 5 seconds. The funny thing is that I used ROM Manager to try and fix permission errors which made the phone work worse it seemed to me. I have faith though that the folks at XDA will make great strides in the ROM and I can't wait to see where it goes. Actually makes me want to get a Nook Color so I can get Honeycomb on it.

Amazing Visitor Growth! Giveaway?

This is just a quick little tidbit but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone visiting the site. This month is on track to see a 100% in visitors compared to the previous month! Just amazing. I'm thinking of doing a giveaway next week so if anybody has any suggestions of things they would like, just drop a comment. Nothing too crazy though.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Public Service Announcement- Google 2-Step Verification

Google released their new two-step verification process for authorizing Gmail accounts and my account just had the feature activated. I advise anybody who has information of any importance to use this feature. After activating the feature you will be required to use a code provided to you by Google through most smart-phones every time you log into your account from a new location. For security freaks out there like me this is a great advancement to bring peace of mind. I've found that the process hasn't been much of a burden over the last week I've used the feature. Below is a link for the Android Market Google authenticator app which is great.